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Seminars on the intangible cultural heritage of Latgale

On 14 and 25 January in Latgale Embassy “Gors”, in Rezekne, a cycle of two online seminars “Sustainability of Latgale traditions in the modern environment” was held. The aim of the seminars was to update the possibilities for the preservation and promotion of Latgale intangible cultural heritage. The participants of the seminars represented different areas of culture and craft and offered a binding exchange of experience not only for Latgale but also for the stakeholders of other regions.

Thursday, January 14, seminar Sustainability of traditions: strategies for the preservation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage with the stories of his experience, the Director OF the Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre of the Vilnius municipality of Vilnius took part. Andris Slišāns, leader of the Livana folklore “Ceiruleits” Anna Carkle, Director of the Chief Library of Preiles Ilona Scotrodihina, Head of the Livani glass and craft centre Ilze Griezānehead of the “Latvian contemporary ceramic centre” association Valentin Petjko, People's music instrument and sound tool master Alexander Mayer, Expert of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the National Centre for Culture of Latvia Gita Lancer and a representative of the “Latgale Traditional Cultural Centre” Dainis Mjartan. The seminar was built by the leader of the song and dance folklore of Daugavpils unit. Sarmite Teivane and Director of the Prize Central Library Ruth's cible.

On the other hand, the seminar of 25 JanuaryThe sustainability of traditions: examples of good practice the practical aspects of intangible cultural heritage were devoted. The seminar included cultural historians, Latvian clothing and footwear history and wedding traditions in Latvia. Ieva Pīgozne, textile artist, fabric, handman and teacher Annele Slišāne, artist, art historian and LMA lecturer Evija Vasilevska, leather handling and horse-making masters Irene Baufale and Latvian National Centre for Cultural Art Linda Rubena. Conversations of the head of the Office of the Ministry of Culture of the Ministry of Culture, “Latgale Traditional Cultural Centre“ Latgale Sate ” Marika Zeimule and the Head of the Ludza District Tourism Information Centre League Condrate.

Seminars were organised by the Latvian National Cultural Centre in cooperation with the association “Southern Latgale NGO Support Centre”, supported financially by the Ministry of Culture and the Latgale Planning Region.

Seminar programme of 14 January

Seminar programme of 25 January

Seminars can be seen in the “YouTube” channel of Latvia's national cultural centre “LNKC live”:

 14 January seminar

25 January Seminar

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