What is intangible cultural heritage?

The intangible cultural heritage is a generation of knowledge, skills and traditions that are important to the Community. It gives a sense of belonging and continuity to a person and contributes to his creativity. Intangible cultural heritage may be something local (for a particular place or land), such as a suiti multilingual singing with “e” or a song and dance festival tradition, or very widespread, such as mushrooms or singing singing.

What is the list of intangible cultural heritage (SNA) and why is it being created?

THE SNA lists elements of intangible cultural heritage (values) which are recognised as national protected cultural heritage and whose inclusion is, as far as possible, the wide range of Community support and participation. THE list OF SNA is designed to preserve intangible cultural heritage, in particular to strengthen its value, to promote visibility and to educate the public.

Who decides whether the value is to be included in THE GNM list?

The inclusion or non-inclusion OF a value IN THE GNI list shall be decided by: Intangible cultural heritage Councilof which the composition is determined GNM Law.

How do i submit a new value TO THE SNA list?

To submit a new value TO THE SNA list, you must first register TO THE SNA website via Latvija.lv and then fill in the application form with all the necessary attachments. Following should be followed instruction.