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VI Latvian storyteller conference will be held

On 9 December 2021, from 10.00-15.30 will be held IN THE VI Latvian storyteller conference. It will focus on values, their successes and attestations of attestation, good, full and convenient life perceptions, with particular attention to THE OBJECTIVES of THE UN Sustainable Development Goals, to promote prosperity, peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development.

The multifaceted dimension of prosperity is particularly highlighting the value and convenience of our daily, festive, mutual communication. Prosperity strengthens the role of narrative traditions in the development of local communities, particularly by focusing on values such as cultural spaces, the importance of which is identified, highlighted and further transferred, telling stories from different viewpoints.
The various visions and stories form a common platform for discussion on the importance of values in human life, the historical forms of values and the convenient opportunities for their revitalisation in the 21 st century technology and virtual communications environment. We will discuss business and sustainability as values, the value of the storyteller in cultural space values and convenience and examples of good practice in various cultural sites of Latvia.

IN THE Latvian storyteller conference with reading “the value of freedom in theory and daily”, the philosophy Dr. Phil will appear. Skaidrite Lasmane, and the inheritance of values in Latgale culture, will be told by Dr. philol. Angelika Jusko-Schtekel. We'll also be familiar with the story of the storyteller Center, the Swedish storyteller Tine Winther, how to combine story and music in a single performance. Experienced Latvian stories will share good practice examples, how to animate stories in Latvian culture and to feel the value of advice and the convenience of their work, taking into account the smartness and usefulness of the advice.

During the conference, all are invited to respond jointly to the following questions:
• how do you think about the values that are essential to the world of people, are they convenient?
• how does the story form a sense of belonging to the Community and the cultural area, creating a precondition for our values?
how do stories affect emotional well-being, convenience, and determination of values for adjacent and future?
• what is the role of storyteller in terms of values and the transfer of good practices?

To THE VI Latvian storyteller conference, the following are invited:
storytellers and storymakers,
• Members of THE “Story Library” network of THE LATVIAN National Commission of UNESCO,
• municipal cultural workers,
• cultural sociologists and producers,
• public researchers, cultural ambassadors and NGOs,
Latvian storyteller festival organisers and partners involved,
• folklore clusters and teachers,
• as well as anyone interested in storytaling activities, the development of narrative traditions.

With a conference program, you can get acquainted with HERE.

VI Latvian storyteller conference is organised BY UNESCO Latvian national Commission and Latvian storyteller association, in collaboration with Latvian National Cultural Centre and Latvian university literature, folklore and art institute. The course of the conference is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture.