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VIDEO: Latvian ethnographic glove knitting traditions and skills

The traditions and skills of Latvian ethnographic gloves are included in the list of values of national intangible cultural heritage in 2021. Applicant: People's suits centre “ancient rock”.

For many Latvians, glove knitting skills have been put into the cradle. However, ethnographic gloves in Latvia are currently Ada mainly by hand-to-hand and professional admirators, who have learned the skills of knitting in families from mothers or grandmother, self-training or school.

For centuries, the tradition of honoring gloves from fine sheep wool yarn changed and only the techniques of glove decoration developed. In the 19 th century, the most beautiful, luxurious mitts were drawn to the church, to the church or to the village. The gifts and ceremonial gloves were specially advised. Even the working gloves differed from the use.

The gloves of the gloves knew that the warmest and most resilient gloves of the work were made of natural unpainted yarn, knitted in a fine pattern, but at least three color yarns were found in honour gloves to surprise others with their imagination and violence.