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Calls for a practical seminar entitled “Written double gloves in Mazsalaca”

From July 15, 2022 to August 26, 2022 at Mazsalaca cultural centre in Mazsalaca, Rūjienas Street 1 will see the “Dubultgloves” exhibition of the People's applied art.

In order to promote the preservation of these gloves and the preservation of techniques in the exhibition, a practical seminar “written double glove-making skills in Mazsalaca” is organised.

Time of the seminar: 15 and 16 July 2022. Seminar Progress here.

Login: by 12 July 2022. Application questionnaire here.

The following materials and tools must be carried:
* adjacent needles (recommendation – needle No. 2 or 2,5);
* yarn (recommendation – Merino Gold or night3.5, composition 50/50 wool/acrylic, or field yarn 2-fold; 2 tones equal to roughness).

Venue: Mazsalacas cultural centre (Rūjienas iela 1) and the office of the Mazsalaca cultural centre (Riga street 10).
Membership fee: EUR 60,00 (catering, accommodation).
Number of participants limited: 20 members.

Event tool: TLMS “Mazsalaca”, Mazsalaca cultural centre, association “Apskritnis”.
Aid: VKKF, Municipality of Valmiera District, LNKC, association “Apskatsnis”.

Galina Birkava, tel.: 29197379, e-mail: 
Rita Ertmane, tel.: 29375352, e-mail: