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Results of the Voldemar Cruel Remembrance Prize

In order to promote the perpetration and wear of the Latvian countryside of traditions, to encourage interest in his or her own countryside, the possibilities of assembly in accordance with historical development, as well as in preparation FOR XXVII's general Latvian song and XVII dance festival, Cēsis municipality, in cooperation with the Latvian National Cultural Centre, organized Voldemar Cruel memorial prizes for the Latvian People's Scout Exhibition – contest.

The exhibition can be viewed from 16 July 2022 to 21 August 2022 In Vecpiebalga Cultural House, Light Street 1, Vecpiebalgs. Exhibition visit: previously logged on by phone 26493591.

In the event of the exhibition, there was a costume competition. An evaluation of the exhibition organizers was evaluated by the Commission: the head of the Latvian ethnography museum ethnography department Dr.his t. Aija Janson, Latvian National Cultural Centre People's Applied Art Expert Linda Rubena and the “ancient rock” of the campus centre “ancient rock”.

The 2022 laureate of the Voldemar Cruel Memorial Award, the winner of the competition in 2022, the recipient of the main prize: Berzins, Antra Cifersone, Elita Gailīte-Grauduma and Vineta Liepiņa on the collection of work clothes.

In the category “Complete People's tērps”, the following were awarded:

  • Marianna Inch on Vidzeme's middle wife's dress;
  • The “ancient club” of the peoples' suits for church and libian gowns;
  • Vineta radzina on the archaeological outfit of the latmeat;
  • Jānis Apinis on Vidzeme man's suit;
  • Alma Sedleniece on Mazsalacas – Baucasian people.

The “self-made People's tērps” category was awarded:

  • Inga Shreibe on the imitation of the city type.
  • Guna Sarksna on the Livonian archaeological outfit.

In the category “from previous generations, legacy outfit” was awarded:

  • May's laugh for Zemgale gown (made around 1996 with parts of 1940);
  • Ingrida Krūmiņa about Zemgale's outfit (made around 1940).

Illa Lingarte was awarded the “best Piebalgs Municipality” category.

The Commission congratulated the individual masters on the details of the skimmed-up garments:

  • Inta Ezernier for the excellent imitated apron and wife's hat;
  • Andai Zecmanei, on the excellent imitation of Kabile's wife's hat;
  • League Tulinsky was a brilliant villain of Krustpils.
  • Münner for the Latvian People's Dance Collection “MiLaDeKo” on costume collection dancers;
  • For Herman and Dagnie Kupchei, the great-imitated villain of Krustpils;
  • A storm for Berzins about the imitation of the city's clothes.

The compatriots were assessed according to the following criteria:

  • conformance with the cultural historical outlet and the specific time period (archaeological outfit, early 19 th, mid - or final phase, early 20 th century);
  • the quality of the pedestrian transaction – technical performance, the conformity of the materials with the historical truth;
  • general view of the countryside.

A total of 30 foliage and components that can be investigated in more detail, such as stockings, gloves, footwear, headgear, are exhibited together.

Such a costume competition takes place for a third time. It started in 2012 to honor the activities of Vecpiebalga parish, Voldemara Cruel, and his memorial to the preservation of the traditions of peoples. In 2012, 36 countrymen were exhibited at the exhibition, and 28 people in 2017.