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Reflection on youth Etnodays 2022

On 9-11 September, Preilu municipality in Varkava, Riebins, Aglona and Preilos met with 50 young people in Etnodays 2022 to share local traditions and complement their skills in the traditional music game.

On Friday afternoon, following the arrival of the Preil Manor Park and its stories, the young people went into Varkava's songs to find out what they had. This was followed by dancers, which, in the case of the long-term member of the foklore “Ceiruleitis”, and the leader of “Rūžupes Weir” Maira Inalnieks, did not miss midnight.

Saturday morning began in Old Varkava Manor, with Jānis Ivanova Rēzekne's traditional music department youth concert and a small presentation of his educational institution. On the morning of the lesson and the afternoon, there was a focus on the development of the ensemble. The participants in two groups – at Liene Brences and Ieva Nemanes – learned melodies and their artistic. In the evening, Etnoday's participants were unexpectedly stuck in the wedding: a feast prepared by a real wedding honor was seated. young couple and all wedding guests. Two happy, husband's parents and the musician went off with a horse. The others, with a bus, to be able to prepare wedding gates in time with local folklore clusters. Returning to the wedding house, Varkava's wives were going to sing the cabbages who were trying to buy money or candy. The evening continued with songs and dances in a shared vecherink, culminating in the mystery.

On Sunday morning, Etnographic ensemble “Vabalis” was met in the Aglona cultural house. Lecture and masterclass were devoted to alkaline the tradition of singing that is so typical of Latgale. After the singing of Latgalian psalms and antiffs, the young people visited Aglona's basilica on a Sunday mission, where there was also a request for Etnodays and their participants.

Sunday afternoon took place in preparation for the final concert – it was held in a full hall, bringing local stakeholders, members of the participants and representatives of the local government. The family also participated in the concert, Etnographic ensemble “Jumalen”.

Young people who are interested in or want to deepen the knowledge of folklore by providing the opportunity to learn the various skills and skills of Latvian folklore, particularly by focusing on musicism, are traditionally gathering young people Etnoday in autumn. Youth Etnoday 2022 was organised by the Latvian National Cultural Centre in collaboration with Preilu municipality.