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Exhibition “family table”

As of October 4, an exhibition “family table” is displayed at the Cultural Centre of Valka in order to introduce the values of the Latvian intangible cultural heritage to any interested party. The exhibition is open until 31 December.

The exhibition is organised by the Latvian National Cultural Centre (LNKC), which coordinates the inclusion of Latvia's live traditions in the Latvian intangible cultural heritage list. The national list is composed of the traditions themselves and the Council of intangible cultural heritage when assessing applications. In four years, the list of Latvian intangible cultural heritage includes 24 values, with which visitors can acquaint themselves in the exhibition “family table” created by the designograph Patricia Baltics.

Latvians have the concept of “family table” – it is a table at which everyone can meet, sleep, talk, singer, mention those who are no longer with us, and also argue and repair again. We are one whole at the family table. The exhibition “family table” gathered the live traditions with which we are rich in Latvia.

Intangible cultural heritage is a living heritage – knowledge and skills. This legacy is passed from generation to generation and is variable, as the time and we ourselves are different. This makes us the most powerful and creative in the modern and unified era.