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VIDEO: “SPIDER LAB” seminars to strengthen communication and research skills

At the end of January, 20 January in Daugavpils and 27 January in Carlos, Latgale cultural workers and representatives of non-governmental organisations are invited to educational seminars for the strengthening of communication and proficiency research skills “SPR LAB”. In each of the seminars there will be an opportunity to hear the stories of three relevant practitioners and professionals in the field, as well as the discussions in the second part of the measures on issues of the same topic.

Friday, 20 January, at 15.00 Daugavpils the first seminar “SPR.” will be held. Demanding cultural communication: telling the event so that the sabre Juoņs and DELFI editor are learnt, in which cultural workers (cultural houses, libraries, museums and other institutions) and non-governmental organisations will have the opportunity to strengthen existing and acquire new knowledge for communication on their own activities, projects and organisation as such in both the digital environment and in communication with media, as well as the use of the Latvian language options in publicity. Seminar lectors: the creative director of the digital content marketing agency “New Black” Vladislava Romanova, Deputy Chief Editor of DELFI, Jānis rich and head of the Latgalian cultural news portal Editte Husare. At the second part of the event at 18.00 will be a discussion “contemporary Latgale: contemporary and (not) understood?” in which cultural, media and communication specialists discuss the positioning of modern Latgale. Daugavpils seminar programme:

On Friday, 27 January, at 11.00 Current a seminar “SPR.” will be held. A demanding research strategy: how to find a world center in a soul, where there will be an opportunity to expand the preference for finding, strategy and promotion of specific stories, as well as creating space identity. Seminar lectors: the head of the “Think Tank Creative Museum”, the editor of the edition of “Carthy stories”, Ineta Zelča Sīmanson, representatives of the association “Hronologeum”, the authors of the editorial of Latgale history, the historian Kaspars Strods and the literature Ligija Purinaša, as well as the professor of Vidzeme High School associate professor, the identity researcher, and THE TV programme “This happened here” in the story of the stories of the stories of Gatis Krūmins. At the second part of the event at 14.30 There will be a discussion on “place in Latgale: the change and (at) the border?”, in which the representatives of the research, site identity, tourism and local government will discuss aspects that change and affect the identity of Latgale and its places. Charter seminar programme:

The creative seminars devoted to various themes, directed towards strengthening the capacity of representatives of the cultural life of Latgale region and representatives of non-governmental organisations, will be held for the third time. In this year's creative workshops, THE concept of “SPIDER LABEL” has both a desire to strengthen regional capacity in the cultural sector and a creative laboratory where negotiations and discussions can encourage the birth of new ideas and try to find paths for their implementation.

The events of the seminars are supported by Latvian National Cultural Centre, but they are organised by the Latgale culturys kusteiba “Videda” and the association “New East”, in collaboration with the association “Latgalys”, the association “Latgolys Producer Group” and the Ludza District Municipality.

Both seminars will be held on the spot and will be available free of charge. Direct output will also be provided for seminar discussion parts. Logging for Daugavpils seminar on communication preferable until 18 January HERE, but Carver's seminar on the research strategy by 25 January HERE. The wishes of the Latvian National Cultural Centre regarding participation in the seminar may be received by the electors, marking the wish to submit a questionnaire. The organisers of the events both ask that the number of seats in both seminars is limited.