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We are invited to apply for a LIVIND cultural heritage education workshop on 22 March

THE LIVIND Cultural Heritage workshop will be held on 22 March 2023 at 14.00 – 16.00.

What is cultural heritage education? How to educate about cultural heritage? What are the objectives and good practices of working with children and young people in living heritage projects? The Finnish Heritage Agency has invited the Finnish cultural heritage education association to provide a two-hour long workshop in which every lead can participate free of charge.

For over 15 years Finnish cultural heritage education association methods for working with children and young people have been developed. In this workshop, representatives of the association will share practical examples of past projects, revealing both success stories and errors from which they can learn and avoid further work. The workshop calls for active participation and sharing with the experience of its cultural heritage.

In the workshop you:
* learn what cultural heritage education is and how it works based on examples of real life.
* get inspired for creating new pedagogical projects.
* you can try some cultural heritage education methods and exercises (such as living heritage games and past-present-present pathways) that can be used to work with different target groups.
* discuss and build an international networking with living cultural heritage experts and activists!

Do you want to share your experience or your organization's pedagogical project? Please write a small description or link to the website when you register to this workshop!

Please log in here by 17 March 2023

Send this information to your colleagues who are interested or specialized in this area!.

The workshop is free! It is part of the project LIVIND – Creative and Living Cultural Heritage as a Resource for the Northern dimension, which combines nine countries in the northern region with the aim of seeking opportunities to identify practical ways in which living heritage can contribute to sustainable development.

More information:

Slow Marsio
Finnish Heritage Agency, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Senior Advisor
+358 29533 6017

Ira Vihreelehto
Finnish Cultural Heritage Association, Senior Advisor
+358 50 3381743