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Autumn season events of the Latgale seminar “SPA LAB” will take place in November

The autumn season events of the creative seminar cycle “SPEC LAB” will be held in the Livans on Saturday, November 11, and in Preils on Thursday, November 23. The aim of the seminar cycle is to strengthen the growth, cooperation capacity and understanding of Latgale cultural life organizers and representatives of non-governmental organisations, as well as young people regarding modern cultural processes. “SPA LAB” in Livans will invite young people to learn traditional culture and Latgalian rap music, but the goal of the Preili seminar will be to learn to use the unique nature of each place in creating new cultural ideas, as well as to agree how Latgale and its values could be celebrated in 2025 – both on and off the ground in Latgale.

Saturday, November 11, at noon 10.00 In Livans (Livani the quarter” at the multifunctional Youth initiatives Center in Lewanese County) will host the “which drizzle (s): singing or Reps” seminar at the “spec LAB”? Traditional culture and young people '. It will share Kate Slichane from the culture room of the river with her experience of inheriting traditional singing skills, the possibilities of active participation in traditional cultural activities will be told by Kate Slichane, Member of the folklore cluster “tarkšķi” and social media content creator Katherine Karele, director of the national cultural Centre of Latvia Signe Puyati will highlight elements of traditional singing that may be interesting in the future as well, while Latgalian rapper Uga will talk about her experience in hip-hop culture and its perspective in Latgale. The second part of the seminar provides for a discussion on traditional cultures and Jenzee the perfect date. Where to meet? '. After its event, participants are awaited by practical workshops, where they will be able to learn singing and retraining skills, so that in the end, participants of workshops will try out the forces in an impromptu competition between the two music styles. The repoaching lesson will be conducted by Uga, while singing skills will help to master the head of the folklore set Turki, Terezija Rubene, and the folklore set Rootoj (manager Ilze Valaine). The seminar targets young people interested in different styles of music and culture, youth professionals, folklore cluster members and leaders. Full Livani Seminary Programme:

Thursday, November 23, at noon 11.00 In Preils (Preili Palace) will host the SPIKE LAB seminar “Where to get an idea for your cultural space and How will Latgali celebrate in 2025?”. Representatives of Latgale cultural institutions and organisations, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties are invited to participate. Andris Slisans Director of the intangible cultural Heritage Centre “Uapte”, will provide an insight into the benefits and responsibilities of the Latvian historical lands Law, its possibilities and benefits, Jolanta Borite, Head of the cultural Centre of Sigulda municipality, will talk about the challenges and opportunities of hosting a new festival in Latvia, while Elina Mikelsson, founder of the Institute of ideas and Innovation, will help to understand methods for creating new ideas in culture. Also, this “SPA LAB” invites organizations/institutions/stakeholders who want to share their most successful/courageous examples in a short story, working in culture in Latgale or Latgalian culture also outside Latgale. The participants in the second part of the seminar are invited to agree in the storm of ideas on how Latgale could position itself and what to offer to celebrate (some event, value, personality, skill, object) in 2025, both on the ground in the historical land and elsewhere in Latvia and the world. Full Preili Seminary Programme:

First SPIKE LAB workshops dedicated to Latgale cultural life organizer and non-governmental organization representatives' capacity building and exchange of ideas took place in January this year in Daugavpils and Karsava, acquiring new or strengthening existing skills in the communication and district research/site storymaking sectors. Video insight into seminar discussions and lectures HERE. The creative seminar cycle is organised by the Latgale kulturys kusteiba “Voluda” and the society “New East”, in cooperation with the Livani municipality youth centre “quarter”, the association “rickly NAISS”, the municipality of Preili and the Latgale Tourism Association. The activities are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the national Centre for Culture of Latvia, as well as the Foundation for integration of society.

Both workshops will be held in person and will be available free of charge to interested parties. Signing up for the Livani Seminar on Youth and traditional Culture is welcome until November 9 HEREbut for the Preili seminary on ideas for culture until November 20 HERE. The wishes of the Latvian National Cultural Centre regarding participation in the seminar may be received by the electors, marking the wish to submit a questionnaire. The organisers of the events both ask that the number of seats in both seminars is limited.