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Proclaimed acceptance of applications for the List of intangible cultural Heritage

The National Centre for Culture of Latvia shall announce the acceptance of this year's applications for the national List of intangible cultural Heritage. Everyone is invited to submit to the list elements which constitute the value of the intangible cultural heritage to be protected by the State and whose listing has extensive support and participation from the Community concerned.

applications may be submitted by 1 June in 2024. The applications will be evaluated by the intangible cultural Heritage Council with the assistance of experts.

The login process is carried out electronically on the web site You can also see the values already included in the OCH Inventory list on this page, as well as see the relavant documents. The content of the website is updated regularly with current information in the field on safeguarding and development of the ICH. Instructions for submission of the application:

Interested parties are invited to consult on the preparation of applications with intangible Heritage industry expert Gita Lancers (email:, Tel. No.: +371 67228985).

Latvia's intangible cultural Heritage List has been established since 2017 and 38 values are currently found there. The full list can be consulted at: here.