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Four short films and an exhibition for the preservation of traditional skills

The natural inheritance of traditional positions and positions in families that were once the main basis for the preservation and viability of intangible cultural heritage currently operates in increasingly rare cases. An understanding of the lives of our ancestors has been lost in the wide range of possibilities. In the early 20 th century, the living objects used, the tools of work have become strange and unfamiliar to the modern man, it is difficult to understand both the People's songs and the fairy tales that mention these objects and the meaning associated with them.

In order to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values of the Latvian People's Republic, by transferring the knowledge and skills of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to future generations, the association “Centre for the Support of Initiatives and Competencies”, which combines the most active participants of the folklore set “Svtra” and the “unit house” of Daugavpils City Council, with the support of the National Cultural Capital Foundation's Culture Elpa programme, created four high quality short films about traditional skills and the exhibition “smart table” in the house of the “smart table” unit in Daugavpils.

The “smart table” project is implemented in the traditional cultural sector of the National Cultural Capital Fund in line with the priorities of the “Culture Elpa” target programme: includes innovative solutions to the accessibility of cultural products and developments in the context of changing epidemiological situations; focused on the development and accessibility of digital cultural supply and services; ensures the sustainability of results and the availability of cultural supply in the long term; focuses on cooperation between a number of performers.

In the short films you have created, you can learn how to make cane pillars, masters L. Under the auspices of the chembell, a wax candle in the oldest casting technology can be discarded, soaking them, the masters in V.Kudina's direction can be thrown into the butter beach and the masters. In the case of abarone, the sauna slot will be properly tied. The masters do not only methodically show how to do this, but also reveal different masters and secrets so that the result of the work is as good as possible. The short film was composed in Latvia and elsewhere in the world by the well-known director Roberts ruin, Valdis Celmins, the film scenario was composed by Miks Romanovskis. The design of multimedia designs was developed by the author of many art and digital projects, the video artist Maris Calve. The work of the short film team was co-ordinated by Linda clover. Short films are in Latvian with an opportunity to select titles in both Latvian, Russian and English languages. They play the music of the folklore “Squirrel”. With these short films, the creation of digital database skills has been launched.

According to the design concept of the architect Imanta ruin, Arnis Vatasha team created a position room with the central element of the exhibition – the “smart table”, which creates a feeling of meeting a hundred-year-old experience – a smartness. As the exhibition room is small but with high constructive ceilings, the high ceiling is turned into a “barn”, which will also serve as an auxiliary material. 

After the stabilisation of the epidemiological situation in the position room at the “smart table” after pre-application, at the same time, a new and knowledgeable spend time will be able to spend up to 8 persons, while using the equipment purchased in the project, the traditional home in the largest room under the leadership of masters of masters will also be able to operate numerically higher school classes, tourist groups and other stakeholders. If necessary, the technological solutions of the exhibition allow the activities to be conducted remotely from the position room.

The created movies and exhibitions are a very important contribution to Daugavpils's route to the acquisition of the European Capital of Culture 2027. In the future, the content of the exhibition is intended to be complemented by other skills.

The project was implemented by the association “Centre for Initiatives and Competencies”, a co-operation partner – the municipal authority of Daugavpils City “unit house”. The film and multimedia design were composed by: “Everything art” and SIA “bird studio”. SIA IXI ART, SIA INRA design and SIA SOLAVI were provided by SIA IXI ART. The exhibition elements were composed by the wood product master Dainis Lēgenberg, the ceramic Nelly Dzalba, the musical instrument master Karlis Lipors and the wax candlelight masterpieces were procured by Z/S Kurzeme.

The project is supported by the support of the National Cultural Capital Foundation's “Cultural Elp” target. 

More information: Head of the folklore group “Squirrel” Sarmitte Teivane, tel. +371 29118992