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Small-scale art exhibition “Dubultgloves”

As of 2020, the Latvian Intangible Cultural Heritage List includes a written double glove-making skill in Mazsalaca. In order to promote the preservation of these gloves and the preservation of the technique, this summer Mazsalaca called for double-glove knives to form a joint exhibition. The exhibition includes double glove admitters from Riga, Dobeles, Bauska, Tourgee, as well as Mazsalacas. The exhibition will be held until 26 August 2022. 15.00 Small Island Cultural Centre, Roojienas Street 1, Mazsalaca.

Double-tailed glove is written on both inside and outside, only with opposite colours. The initiator and author of such written double gloves are the People's Doctor Master Rasma Aboltina, who has watched this type of knitting from South_Kurzeme.

When Rasmas Aboltt's family moved to Mazsalaca in 1982, she joined the People's applied art studio “Mazsalaca” – the time of the writing of written double gloves in Mazsalaca, as there was no gloves anywhere else. Rasmas's sample was followed by a man's fiction, a long willow, who also learned to admit written gloves in double-tailing. In the summer of 2009, a masterworkshop was held in Mazsalaca “Maintaining the gloves of the gloves”, but in the summer of 2010, the work started in Mazsalaca continued in camp “3 × 3”. The masters also participated in events organised by the Latvian National Cultural Centre “Traditional Skills School” and “meet your master.” In his spare moments, Rasma Aboltina went to teach the writing skills of the writing-writing double gloves in Valmiera, Smiltene, Ogre, Cēsis District in the house, Staicele, Naukenes District in Cologne, the municipality of Municipality, in Riga, Games, etc.

Although the written double gloves learned to admit many handwriters, there is no information at this time as to how many adventurers currently in Latvia Ada writes double gloves. In Mazsalaca, the post-tech of the twin-gloved twin-gloves is Evy Nagle, who continues to train other needles. In the course of the studio, this skill is used by a long-running willow, Sarmitte Luste, Ilzte Celma, Māra Mistre, Ada also Rita Ertmane and Gunta Jacob.

The writing of the written double gloves is a skill which is maintained and passed on by THE “Mazsalaca” admitters and which are regarded by the smaller Salazar as the value of their intangible cultural heritage and an important part of the identity. Every lead by August 26 is invited to attend the exhibition at the Cultural Centre of Mazsalaca and to explore the value included IN THE SNA.

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