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September – Month of cultural heritage in South Kurzeme municipality

In order to pay attention to the rich and diverse cultural and historical heritage of the municipality, its preservation, research and promotion, the month of September in the South Kurzeme municipality has been declared a month of cultural heritage.

Throughout September, various events will take place in the municipality:

On 2 and 3 September, the Old Palace “Duchess Manor” will be held Big South_Kurzeme Districtin which you can listen, learn, discuss, tell, exchange ideas and experience, and rest together. On September 2, the Latvian Museum of Kazdang will be able to acquire long-term skills and familiarize Latvian culinary heritage throughout the day.

On September 8, the interdisciplinary art group “serde” will be invited to the annual “Advertising” of the art and artisanal trade fair, which will involve lectures of researchers and teachers of the cultural academy on current developments in the preservation and maintenance of cultural heritage in Latvia and the world. But in the Aizputes Library there will be a meeting with the counselor who has just come out of the books: “Imanta soap on the trail” and “Liepaja-related.”

On 15 September, the Aizputes Municipality Research Museum is all welcome to a comprehensive exhibition on coded or painted household articles located in South Kurzeme, as well as an exhaustive lecture on research carried out in this area. Throughout the month, there will also be a variety of masters and lectures related to the project “The common and different search. Oded household articles'which this summer museum was doing in collaboration with the municipality of Latvia and the centre of folklore, museums and antiques.

On September 16, the Barta will be held “Bottom-up multilingual multilingual” lectures, practice sessions, and singing. At the end of the day, cooperation with the South Kurzeme District Tourism Centre will be dancing and sanctioned in the largest tourist festival in Latvia “Bart Autumn 2023” in the recreational base “Ods”.

On 20 September, the Virga Manor will be held discussion on possibilities for the conservation and continuation of the cultural heritage of South Kurzeme.

On 22 September, the entire municipality will be celebrated White Unit Day both with fires in piles or parish centres and more expanded measures. Every year, the Bunka People's House is invited by a broad programme. This time, not only folklore pools, but also as a special guest for Catherine diamond with friends. On 29 September, the cultural heritage month will end with the meeting of the special and diverse cultural spaces of the ovens in Grobiņa. At around 18.00 on the castle, there will be a Miķeldayday activity and a hunger with songs, stories and culinary heritage, but around 19.30 around Åland's ponds, folklore pools and ethnographic ensembles, the singing of the most beautiful songs, will be accompanied by the sun to celebrate the quiet time to the march as the winter is approaching with his pleasure and the pleasure of the fruits of the summer.

The programme of measures will be complemented. Request to follow information on the website of the South Kurzeme municipality, South_Kurzeme Culture and Southern Kurzeme Traditional Culture Facebook in accounts.