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A competition has been launched on the theme of the international folklore festival “Baltica 2025”

The national cultural Centre of Latvia invites every Member of the folklore industry to participate in the production of the International Folklore Festival “Baltica 2025” by submitting its offer to the festival theme.

A participant shall submit his or her tender to the national cultural Centre of Latvia for competition by 9 February 2024, at 17:00 by electronic mail to e-mail address The offer must include an application questionnaire for participation in the competition, as well as a description of the theme of the festival, its justification and its relation to traditional culture, folklore and the history of the International Folklore Festival “Baltica” (more information in the by-law).

Tenders are evaluated by A competition Commission set up by THE LNKC – specialists in the field, in the composition of at least seven people. Bids will be evaluated on the basis of topical and artistic interpretation of the topic, compliance with the competition guidelines and terms of reference, as well as the target audience of compliance participants (folklore clusters, ethnographic ensembles, folk music chapels, storytellers, festival foreign guests).



The festival “Baltica” is an important event for Baltic peoples, demonstrating traditional cultural values – songs, instrumental music, narratives, games, dance, as well as the applied art of the nation, crafts, and other forms of cultural expression of the nation. The festival features ethnographic ensembles, folklore clusters, folk music groups, storytellers and other individual performers. In Latvia, the first festival “Baltica” was held in 1988, introducing the national independence movement. The International Folklore Festival “Baltica” is organised by the national cultural Centre of Latvia in cooperation with city and municipality municipalities. More information about the festival: