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A competition on the theme of the folklore festival “Baltica 2025” has concluded

A competition on the theme of the International Folklore Festival “Baltica 2025” has concluded. A total of 15 applications were received, of which the jury found the theme “language” offered by Edeite happiness to be the best.

“Baltica 2025” will sound like LANGUAGE. Thinking, communicating, signal for action, conversation, sign and pattern unit. Everyone has their own. Calm, sound, gentle, diving, close and distant. Inherited, acquired, borrowed, learned in writing and rhythm. There will be a cast nausea chasing, Rivers Duncher zuobaku rumble, will sound in the joy of the Libyan coast. why! ', in a mushroom prompt to search styprōkūs peoplein the colours of the loud voices of the Daugavpils singers, the ermonics of Krape “sound” will be heard and memories of the rhythm of the great musicians' game language, the floral stripes of the Zemgale brunches will be heard, the rustling of the master Kachkan Andre pastels, the stories of the Riga pavement will be heard, and the languages carefully listened to for centuries will be heard, chanting briskly, calling the border to neighbours: “What a guest, that kind of language!”.

Until 21 February of this year, any natural person of legal age or association of natural persons, legal person or association of legal persons was able to submit its tender for the theme of the International Folklore Festival “Baltica 2025” in order to participate in the competition.

INTERNATIONAL Folklore Festival's Baltica 2025 theme