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An application for a financing tender for strengthening the value of intangible cultural heritage has been announced

The aim of the programme is to strengthen the capacity and functioning of organisations that ensure the sustainability and development of the elements included in the national intangible List of cultural Heritage. In this twinning programme it is possible to request financing also for the preparation of applications for inclusion of the intangible cultural heritage element in the national Intangible cultural Heritage List. More information on THE OMC list can be found at: 

One of the sub-objectives of the programme is to support the development of the tradition of Song and Dance Celebration by promoting the creation of a collective amateur art of the co-prepertoire sectors involved in the tradition of Song and Dance Celebration and the creation of a new cultural offering within the framework of the tradition outside the traditional process of the interfestive period. 

Information on the “Development and sustainability of tangible cultural Heritage assets” target programme can be found at:

Tenders for funding of Latvian historical lands cultural programmes, administered by Zemgale planning Region, Latgale Region Development Agency, Selija Partnership “Kaimins”, Vidzeme planning Region and Kurzeme planning Region have also been announced. The total funding of the competition “Latvian historic lands Development Programme” is EUR 690,300.