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Baltic-Nordic project LIVIND concluded

From May 15 to 17, Helsinki hosted the Baltic-Nordic project LIVIND concluding seminar “living LEGACY for a sustainable future” (“their sustainable future through living Heritage”). 

The LIVIND project (“Creative and living Heritage as a resource for the Northern dimension Region”) was launched in 2021 to strengthen the role of intangible cultural heritage as a resource for sustainable development of local communities. The project ran from 2021 to 2024, bringing together thirteen Northern European countries and Northern Autonomous Regions, as well as the land of Sam. It was the first such coverage cooperation project in Northern Europe in the field of living heritage.

The Member States and regions of the project were Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the Aland Islands, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Sam Region, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Around 80% of the project budget was financed by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs from funds planned to strengthen cooperation in the Baltic Sea, Barents Sea and Arctic regions. The project was also funded by the Finnish cultural Heritage Agency and the Northern dimension cultural Partnership, with the Northern dimension Institute and the Sam Council among the partners. The project was managed by the Finnish cultural Heritage Agency.

The Latvian National Centre for Culture for Culture and the Latvian Academy of Culture, as well as the Latvian narrator Association and the inter-branch art group “Serde”, which is one of two UNESCO accredited NGOs from all over the Baltic, were involved in the project as partners.